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the_ppp's Journal

The Pirates of the Pathetic Plot
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Pirate Eek is, in a word, sarcastic. Obsessed with cosmic brownies, she is short, and mad at the world for being taller than her. I mean, the nerve! Her favorite color is brown because no one else likes it very much. Easily angered by the redundancies of four word sentences. In fact, redundancies in general may induce wrath. She is also a hobbit. Actually, she's a reincarnation of Frodo Baggins... just female. Her hair, much like her spirit, is untamable. If only we could get it to grow on her feet.



Outgoing and optimistic are two good words for Pirate Ick. Subtle and witty, this potato-adoring pirate is your token Highlander. We suppose. She habitually surrounds herself with short people (i.e. Eek and Uck). Also known (to her dismay) as the Closet-Sue, she has blue eyes and long, flowing blonde hair. Which you aren't allowed to touch. Ever. A stickler for grammatical errors and general lack of logic. Is an elf...sort of. Remembers everything. Official Narrator and also unofficial Officer of Public Relations. Walks everywhere. Commonly known as Little Baldwin.



The oldest and quite possibly the least sane of the group, Pirate Uck, at a distance, will give the impression that she is average. Then she opens her mouth... The visual learner that she is, she demands good descriptions in stories, lest her sanity give way to odd mental images. Entirely obsessed with armadillos and the Cheat, and is certain she will somehow marry an Ent. And the Cheat. According to her, she is an Elvish-Dwarf. We don't doubt this, but we suppose you'd have to see her to understand. Lapses into periods of time where the English language refuses to make sense.